Welcome to LanzaroteRock

Firstly, thank you for visiting Lanzarote Rock 🙂


So many websites out there seem to bombard you with flowery, useless (and not to mention, incorrect) information. As someone that has lived in Lanzarote for years, it made sense to create something that comes from someone that has spent time on the island, rather than just another website regurgitating brochure speak.

I’ve been as honest as I can, hopefully without my personal bias for certain places showing through.

This is a guide and is meant to help – if you have any recommendations for places to visit or things to do, then please feel free to comment.

(Do feel free to comment on any places to visit or things to see that I may have missed out. This is not TripAdvisor, so please don’t leave comments on specific hotels, bars, restaurants etc as they will be removed – there are plenty of forums and groups out there for that. )

I hope this helps you during your research on Lanzarote and that you come and visit ‘The Rock’ soon.

Thank you for your support



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